Connie Miller honored by county board

Constance Miller (right) stands with Oakland County District 3 Commissioner Michael Spisz (R-Oxford) to accept a Women’s History Month Award at the Board of Commissioners’ Thursday, March 24 meeting. Miller has participated and organized charitable events and drives in Oxford since the 1990s. Photo by C.J. Carnacchio/Oxford Township.

By Dean Vaglia
Leader Staff Writer
Constance Miller, Oxford-area charity organizer, was honored by the Oakland County Board of Commissioners on Thursday, March 24.
Recognized for over two decades of volunteer and community work around Oxford, Miller was one of nine Oakland County women honored by the board with a Women’s History Month Award. County Commissioner for District 3 Michael Spisz (R-Oxford) nominated Miller for the award alongside Oxford Township Supervisor Jack Curtis.
“It is kind of overwhelming; it is really a huge honor,” Miller said. “I think the thing that got me the most, aside from the fact that my daughter and my husband were there, was standing amongst all the other women. They were women of such great accomplishment to their community, to their churches [and] to their schools. It was very humbling because these ladies are so accomplished, and to be counted among them, that is hard to wrap your head around.”
Miller, an Oxford resident since 1991, currently runs a free meals program located at the Immanuel Congregational United Church of Christ in Oxford Village. The program started in March 2020 after COVID-19 first hit and has provided around 100-130 people with no-questions-asked groceries and meals every Wednesday since.
Prior to the free meals program, Miller was part of the Oxford Public Library Friends and held several positions in the group including president and vice president. She coordinated nine Storybook Gala events at Devil’s Ridge Golf Club and was named the organization’s “Friend of the Year” in 2005.
Throughout the 1990s Miller campaigned for various community issues, including the bond proposal to build the current public library building and millage proposals to fund police and fire services.
In September 2005, Miller helped with the “H20 – Help to Oxford” convoy to transport over 52,000 bottles of water and aid materials to Oxford, Miss. in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. The Mississippian city hosted an estimated 2,000 to 4,000 evacuees at the time. Miller is a former president of the Oxford Women’s Club.
Outside of volunteer work, Miller works for Oxford Community Television (OCTV) and hosted the 2016 Philo Festival of Media Arts Award-wining cooking and education show “Connie’s Kitchen.”
“I have always been a volunteer, and especially since I came here,” Miller said. “There will always be a need in some place, and I will always keep doing what I am doing as long as I can.”
Miller, Immanuel Congregational and OCTV are hosting a food drive for the free meals program at the church on Saturday, April 9 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Those looking to support the free meals program can donate at the event or reach out to Miller at 248-933-4579.

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