Correction on school board FOIA flap

In the Nov. 2 article, “School board answers Roesner’s questions,” The Oxford Leader reported, “According to district officials, (Kallie) Roesner has filed 37 FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) requests against the district over the last 18 months.”

Board Vice President Kim Shumaker said to Roesner in a statement during the Oct. 25 school board meeting, “As far back as April 2015… you’ve been provided with approximately 37 FOIA request responses.”

According to Oxford Schools Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources Nancy Latowski, FOIA requests during this time period were not filed exclusively by Roesner, but by other members of TEAM 20 as well.

There were five FOIA requests filed by Roesner, one filed by Oxford resident Larry Roesner, 26 filed by “TEAM 20 FOIA coordinator,” one filed by “Oxford citizen and Kallie Roesner,” and six requests signed by “Oxford citizen,” according to Latowski.

This totaled 39 FOIA requests filed since April 2015.


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