COVID-19 Weekly Update

Since mid-April, The Leader has reported on COVID-19 cases and deaths as supplied by Oakland County. This week, our ninth week of these reports we have a change, to the good.
The county supplies numbers by ZIP code. Last week, we reported in the 48371 (Oxford) zip, there were a total of 73 cases and four deaths attributed to COVID. This week, there were still 73 cases reported, but only three deaths.
In western Addison Township (48370), there have been five confirmed cases and one death. In the 48367 (Lakeville, Lenard and Addison Township), there are nine reported cases and zero deaths.
Oakland County’s COVID-19 webpage has this prefix, “This data is not a complete picture of community exposure since it only reflects actual test results. Testing capacity has been limited to date. All parts of the county should strictly adhere to Stay at Home Order and practice all safety guidance when needing to visit an essential business. This map will be updated in the evening as data is received.”
To check the numbers for yourself, here is the web address:

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