Davis family expresses gratitude for community’s support

The past three weeks have been the most painful of our lives.

As we continue to mourn the tragic loss of our son, Seth, the Davis family would like to express the immense gratitude we feel in our hearts for the support and care we received from the Oxford community.

All of your prayers, phone calls, texts, remembrances, tributes, gifts, home visits, service, and food deliveries are comforting. We were amazed and gratified by the hundreds of you who took the time to join us at Seth’s memorial service. It was a touching reminder of the bonds we share as a community and Seth’s impact on all of our lives.

The days ahead will be hard as we undertake the difficult process of grief. Thank you for your continued prayers for peace. You are loved and appreciated for your selfless support. Seth is certainly smiling on Oxford.

From the bottom of our hearts, we remain, humble and kind. God bless you all.

The Davis Family

Ron, Michelle, Sarah and Shelby


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