Don, you ‘homophobic bigot?

Some folks may find it hard to believe, but, the things I write really upset some people. Thin-skinned officials and those who are really wound too tight are the folks who get upset the easiest. And, they usually express their anger in letters to me and to the publisher.
‘Mr. Rush should be fired.?
‘In my opinion, Mr. Rush’s editorial . . . completely crossed the line of journalistic integrity . . .?
Most of the time folks, even the supposedly learned ones, are cross about my ‘editorials.? If they must criticize they should take the time to know, Don’t Rush Me is a column. It is not an editorial. And, while I have written award-winning editorials, this space is not for the newspaper’s voice (which is what editorials are). This space is reserved for my often slanted view. It’s called a column. It’s an opinion. It ain’t news. It is not based on fair and balanced reporting or any sort of journalistic standards other than it is not full of libelous statements.
When I try to make a point it is the truth as I, your hero, sees it. Often times I’m not trying to make any point, I’m just trying to make readers smile. So, it is always interesting when I receive an e-mail like the following, from ‘Equality4all2004.?
This letter is in reply to last week’s gem of a column about easing local budgetary crises by allowing gay marriages . . . for a price of course. I think I said $500 per license could be an economic boon for the economy. And since America is about money, we should start letting polygamists get married, too. Apparently, ‘Equality4all2004? disagrees.
‘Mr. Rush,
‘Freethinking is not quite the adjective I would use to describe you!
‘I think ‘Homophobic Bigot? is the way to go! Apparently the thought of same sex marriages scares the heck out of you. I am wondering what harm it presents to you and your family?
‘Gay people are not engaged in a worldwide game of ‘Red Rover, Red Rover? in order to get others to join them. Please don’t have the audacity to lump gays with polygamists. This is a life-style into which a human being is born, the other . . .a choice!
‘I will defend the ‘Freedom of Speech? to the death . . . but I wonder if you think that making remarks about deaf or perhaps disfigured people would be quite so amusing to you.
‘Perhaps God didn’t write about Adam and Steve, but I believe that he welcomes all into his heart and home . . . even misguided journalists. At least let’s hope so huh???????
Well said, ‘Equality4all2004.? I, too, believe God will welcome all into his heart who welcome Him. (If readers missed last week’s column go to our website and click on the column, ‘Don’t Rush Me.? Then, under my mug shot, click on ‘By Don Rush? and everything I’ve written for the last year will be listed in chronological order.)
* * *
I received a hand printed note from Dan Stanko of Leonard. Whether he thinks I am a homophobic bigot or not, he kept to himself. However, he did write.
‘Dear Don,
‘It has been a while since my last note . . . I was just wondering — could you? — would you? please send birthday wishes out to my one year old daughter Dani, from her dad?
‘She won’t be able to read it this year, but one day when she finds it in her scrapbook she will know the old man was thinking about her!
‘PS — Am I the only new dad that gets teary-eyed when I hear Martina McBride’s new song, In My Daughter’s Eyes? — Dan?
Dan, I will only print the note if you tell your daughter (when she is about 40) that I am not a homophobic bigot.
To ‘Equality4all2004,? Dan and anybody else who takes the time to read this column, thank you. Remember, it is not about agreeing or disagreeing, it is about engaging your mind.
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