Drop a line to former elementary teacher

Have you ever had a teacher that made a difference in your life? I have.

She kept me after school because she knew no one was home except for my elderly, crippled grandfather. So, she made up little chores and taught me songs. I would have loved to know what happened to her because I will never forget her.

I know a teacher who taught at Clear Lake Elementary. Her children loved her, too. Now, she is very ill and would love to hear from her students. She is Marion Lawrence.

She is in therapy room #70 in the Huron County Medical Care Facility on 116 South Van Dyke Rd. in Bad Axe, MI 48413. The facility’s phone number is (989) 289-6425 ext. 179.

Mary Beth Kauschat


Editor’s Note: Lawrence was employed by the Oxford school district from 1978-95. She taught at Clear Lake and Daniel Axford.

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