Duct Tape Club sticks at OMS

Oxford Middle School now has a club that really ‘sticks together? thanks to the Makayla Stickney, founder of the ‘Duct Tape Club?
Stickney said she was inspired by her younger sister.
‘My sister really liked (making stuff with) duct tape and I tried it and me and all my friends like it,? she said. ‘So, my friend and I decided to (found the) Duct Tape Club since we like it. The first couple weeks we got 20-25 people (showing up).?
Fellow club member Erin Dinan said she ‘likes the club.?
‘She (Stickney) was best friends with one of my friends and I said I would join,? Dinan added. ‘It’s pretty fun.?
While duct tape has certainly been found useful in the ‘fix anything? department, Stickney and her fellow club members have found everyday use for the sticky material including decorating pens, wallets, purses, backpacks and iPad cases
They even built a duct tape robot.
‘We sell the items at lunch (with the exception of the robot) and all the money goes to the Oxford K-9 Stray Rescue League,? noted Stickney. ?(I picked it) because I really love animals.?
In order to raise more money, the Duct Tape Club recently held a fund-raiser movie night for all sixth-graders.
‘We (watched) Despicable Me 2 and Duct Tape Club members brought in pop, popcorn, prizes and then we made a game out duct tape and sold some duct tape stuff there,? Stickney said. ‘We raised $54.?
The $54 combined with the lunch sales brought the total to $94. To further help the K-9 Stray Rescue League, the Duct Tape Club also asked student to bring in dog treats, dog shampoos, dog beds, toys and other dog-related items.
‘It feels good (to have the support from fellow classmates and staff),? Dinan said.
Stickney agreed.
‘I think it’s nice,? she said.
However, the Duct Tape Club would have never been official if a staff member wasn’t going to oversee it. That’s when Stickney approached Angela Griffith, a noon aide.
‘Makayla asked if I would help supervise and I said, ‘Yeah, I would try it.? I was very pleased (with the club,)? she said. ‘We’ve had a lot of fun making things, selling things and I am going to (supervise) it again next year. We’d like to see if we can get the robot in the homecoming parade.?
Griffith was also proud of the money the club raised.
‘It went for a good cause and next year, we’ll pick a different charity,? she added. ‘We learned a lot this year, so next year, I think we could be even a little bit more profitable.?
Stickney agreed that she wants to keep the club going. ‘Next year, our plan is to do a fashion show fund-raiser (with all clothing items made out of duct tape), instead of a movie night,? she said

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