Eagle Scout seeking trustee seat

He’s not old enough to buy beer or rent a car, but Jacob Newby does have enough years under his belt to try his hand at local politics.

The 18-year-old is one of seven candidates to file for four trustee seats on the Addison Township Board.


He’s running as a Republican and will appear on the Aug. 2 primary ballot along with fellow trustee candidates Joel King, Linda Gierak, Deanna Cushing, Erich Senft, Jennie Eller and Philip Marshall.

“I’ve always tried to be involved in my community,” Newby said. ” I felt like I could do more as a trustee.”

Newby is a 2015 graduate of Oxford High School. He’s currently enrolled as a freshman at Oakland Community College where he’s studying political science.

Earlier this year, Newby became an Eagle Scout and serves as an assistant scoutmaster for Troop 87 in Romeo.

When he’s not in school or scouting, Newby works at Harbor Sales Company in Troy and is a member of Harvest Fellowship Church of Romeo.

If elected, Newby, a 16-year resident of Addison, is hoping to provide a “new perspective” on “every issue” facing the township. In particular, he cares about “protecting our parks” and preserving the community’s rural character.

Newby hopes to apply the leadership skills and traditional values he’s learned from years of scouting to serving residents as an elected official.

“I respect those ideals very much,” he said.

Overall, he believes the township is “being run very, very well” by the current supervisor and board. Ensuring this good government continues is important to Newby because unlike many young people, he has no plans to move away from his hometown.

“I really enjoy Addison,” Newby said. “I’m thinking I’m going to stay a very long time.”

“I like our rural community and how close people are,” he noted.

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  1. I like your ideals on keeping Addison Twp. rural when every other town wants to go city…so glad someone will be working to keep our land & wild life areas rural and beautiful. Why change something that is so good & solid already, Addison Township is worth keeping.

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