Flashlight Alice keeping active at 90

We were happy to get word that Alice Nicholson, aka ‘Flashlight Alice? is alive and well. For anybody who grew up in the area from the late 1940s through the late 1990s, Alice was the gal who kept everybody in line during the movies.
Her daughters, Barb Raymond of Leonard and Darlene Rider of Oxford Village, hosted her 90th birthday party on June 22.
‘She is still active and works four days a week,? Darlene said.
Alice works with her daughters, who have a cleaning business.
‘Sitting around’s not for me,? Alice said from her Oxford apartment. ‘And, working gets me out of the house.?
Alice started her career with the theater when it was owned by Ray Foreman in 1947 or 1948.
‘My husband came home one day and, just kidding said. ‘Why don’t you get a job?? I had to go downtown anyway and I stopped in at the Oxford Opera House. I mentioned to Mr. Foreman I was looking for work and I started that day.?
She started cleaning, but soon learned how to keep the books and how to watch for and handle trouble makers.
‘Mr. Foreman showed me how to wake up a drunk. You get behind him, put a pencil between two fingers and squeeze. It hurts and when they wake up and swing they can’t hit you, because you’re sitting behind them.?
Rowdy or loud moviegoers were singled out with the bright beam of Alice’s flashlight. Amorous folks actually forced the closing of the theater’s balcony section, Alice said.
As Foreman aged, Alice ran the business for seven years in the 1960s. Eventually, the theater was sold to and operated by Arnold Simmons. Alice said both men were easy to work for.
‘But, Arnold was a little bullheaded,? she said with wry smile and twinkle in her eye. ‘Not that I’m bullheaded.?
Alice retired her flashlight in 1999. Arnold Simmons had it mounted on a wooden plaque. In those 50 years of movie-going, Alice said she didn’t get to watch many movies — her favorites, though, were the ones with crooner Bing Crosby.
Alice and husband Jim (now deceased) had three children — there son Raymond passed away.
At the birthday party Alice celebrated with her daughters, Barb (Loren) Raymond, Darlene (Mike) Rider, along with nine grandchildren, 32 great-grandchildren, bunches of nieces, nephews and friends.
To Alice and her family, The Leader says, ‘congratulations.? And, keep that flashlight handy. DPR

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