For Oxford School-folk

As the news has come in, only 23 percent of voters bothered to vote in the Oxford schools’ bond election. The districts attempt to extend a 7 mill bond for 10 years, fell in a ball of fire. Now is the time to get back in the saddle. It is time for the powers that be to dust themselves off and look in the mirror.
You cannot throw as much crap on the wall to see what sticks.
I know government does that with a perfect aim — and our country is mired in deep doo-doo because of it.
The school-folk need to come back with a whittled-down bond. The school-folk need to be led by the nose like sheep, by shepperds from firms who make money when school districts expand and build. The school-folk need to look out over this community and see what it needs. When I say school-folk, I mean people who either live or work in Oxford or the district.
School-folk need to remember the sales people who come bringing gifts and news of the future make commissions off of you drinking their wine. Stop it!
Go to them once you know what you need and ask them to provide it, do not let them tell you what you need.
Also, don’t pout and boo-hoo in the corner withyourselves. When you surround yourself with “yes” folk, or folk who think just as you, you will not get an accurate idea of reality. As you all are in education, you are smart enought to know those who are inclined to vote for fiscal frugalities — enlist them to help hammer out a plan that can be swallowed by all.
This is my sage advice to you. There were items in the failed plan that need to happen, unfortunately, there were also too many items for fun.

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