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Oxford resident Joan Krueger, 93, took to the water. Photo provided.

Joan Krueger, 93 years young, was spotted tubing with family and friends the other weekend. Joan says this was her first time tubing!
She avoided water most of her life, beginning after a frightening childhood incident in which she fell through the ice on her family pond in Manitowoc, Wisconsin. But, weeks of hot and humid weather convinced her to take the plunge!
Joan couldn’t get enough — she went around the lake three times on the tube! She is an active member of St. Joseph Catholic church. She volunteers her time at the church, helping to organize masses and other church functions, as well as crocheting prayer shawls for parishioners in need of healing and comfort.
Joan attends a senior exercise class three times a week. She spends Wednesday mornings collecting and sorting, used clothing for Love Inc. Joan loves games and hosts a weekly game afternoon with her friends.
She has 9 children, 26 grandchildren, and 19 great-grandchildren, all of whom visit her regularly. Joan is looking forward to resuming her old schedule (post-COVID) and helping her — Elizabeth Kinsler (Joan’s daughter)

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