Grab for power

 Dear Editor,

The article in the May 24, 2023 Oxford Leader (Proposed mining bills would move permitting to state) about the proposal to give the State of Michigan the sole right to determine if a mining company can mine in your city, your village, your township or your backyard is a grab for power. And, very wrong.

Presently our opinions matter. We can say ‘no.’ We can also say ‘yes.’ But this proposal takes all of that away. Your opinion gets buried in Lansing where it can die.

As it stands now there are 14 Oakland County Township supervisors who have filed with the State House against this proposal. Jack Curtis, Supervisor for Oxford Township isn’t one of them.

The Oxford Supervisor says that the additional cost and time to mining companies would be too expensive if people have the right to say ‘no.’ Of course, a company would raise their price to cover the expenses, in my opinion. And, naturally the buyer would have a say to the price.

Jack Curtis has his opinion. But, he represents more than companies, he represents people, too.

Daniel Davis, Jr.


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