Gregory Marlin, 61

Scientists have measured a significant drop in jokes and smiles in recent weeks. It is due to the loss of Gregory Marlin, long-time Lake Orion and Oxford resident who passed away May 7, 2023, two days short of his 62nd birthday.
Greg Marlin

Greg will be remembered by his family, friends, coworkers and beloved fellow residents in Oxford for the laughter he shared. His humor, quick wit and love for antics, both ridiculous and elaborate, will be greatly missed.

Greg was born in 1961 and grew up on Lake Orion swimming, water skiing, tubing and trying not to meet an early demise at the end of a tow rope by plowing into a raft. As a young man, he competed at Judo, wore a kilt and played drums in the Sons of Scotia bagpipe band, and danced as a featured performer in Disco Mania, the LOHS traveling show. He also enjoyed playing drums in the LOHS band where he met many cherished, life-long friends.
After graduating in 1979, he earned a BA in criminal justice from MSU and Juris Doctor from Cooley Law School. He achieved his life-long dream of becoming an attorney and practiced law in the Flint area for several years. Of all his professional battles, he was never successful in beating the office copier machine which seemed to malfunction only when he used it and right before he was scheduled in court. Despite threats, profanity and attempts to reason with it in a calm voice, the copier remained undefeated.
Greg’s passions included intricately-composed rock, NY Times crosswords, increasing his vocabulary, and discussing PBS shows. He was a thoughtful gift-giver and had a spot-on Christopher Walken impression that was hilarious. His Mick Jagger was not bad either. Indeed, few things brought him more joy than some having some new bit of comedy to share with a twinkle of mischief in his eyes.
As of this writing, one of Greg’s favorite Steely Dan songs, “Midnight Cruiser,” was played and his insolent copier that refused to work was ceremoniously thrown off the 2nd story balcony of his mom’s apartment in his honor. Finally, Greg, we showed that copier who is boss. One last caper for you.
Greg was preceded in death by his father, Lawrence “Spike” Marlin, Jr. He is survived by his mother, Abigail Marlin; sister, Victoria Henry; son, Nicholas (Allison) Gatchell; and granddaughter, Cora, born just before Greg’s passing.
A Celebration of Life service is on June 3, 2023 1-4 p.m. at Sparks-Griffin Funeral Home, Lake Orion. A ‘Time of Sharing Memories of Greg” will start at 3 p.m.

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