I love pie!

What a great weekend . . . aside from the Detroit Lions losing their second game in a row this past weekend proved pretty danged good. There was plenty of sunshine, which afforded many of us locals the chance to catch-up on outdoor chores before Ma Nature changes gears.
The weekend offered a wonderful way to show what community is ‘sposed to be about — namely helping each other when we can. Case in point, on Sunday volunteers from the North Oakland Animal Husbandry 4-H Club gathered in Ortonville. And, members of the community showed up to help the volunteers raise some fundage for local mom, Sharon Bergman.
Sharon, a single mom of two, is in her second year of treatments for breast cancer. Money is tight for many in the area, and despite this, many came out to offer what they could to help the Bergman clan — whose funds are even tighter.
According to Michelle and Pat Ervin, the 4-H Club had hoped to raise $2,300 which would pay for the Bergman’s to have propane enough to last the winter (Kudos to Hamilton’s Propane of Ortonville for making this happen). Between a spaghetti dinner and silent auction, over $3,000 was raised.
Wow! That’s what I’m talkin? about when I talk to folks who live in more busy communities. People helping people.
‘Generosity of the folks around here is most humbling. Sharon is very grateful and will be warm this Winter,? Pat told me via e-mail on Monday.
To all the individuals who came through for dinner, Thank You. To all the businesses that dug deep to give some more, Thank You. To all the people who gave items to auction, Thank You. To the Ervins and the 4-H’ers, Thank you.
And, to the dozen or so people who took the opportunity (for $5 a crack) to put pie in my face . . . I guess, thank you. Sorta. Kinda.
If you wanted to help, but couldn’t make it, call 248-318-8568 or check out www.noah4hsharonbergman.webs.com
Now, if we can just get the Lions back on track, all can be right with the world . . .

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