Investigating ‘potenital’ threat

 Sunday morning Oxford Schools Superintendent Ken Weaver sent out two emails to parents in regards to a social media post.

Oxford schools superintendent Ken Weaver

Our school resource officer became aware of a potential threat on Snapchat. The message specifically said, ‘come bring a gun to Oxford school.’ After hours of investigation, law enforcement have not yet been able to determine the author of the message. It does not appear that either the creator of the message or the recipient are Oxford students,” Weaver’s message stated. “Due to the unique nature of social media, the source of the message might never be determined. We are limited in what we can share, but will update families with any additional information should it become available.”

By Sunday night Weaver sent his second email, “While we had hoped that we would be able to share a successful resolution, law enforcement has been unable to learn any new information at this time. Law enforcement still believes that the creator of the message and the intended recipient of the message are not Oxford students. We do realize the concern that these type of social media messages cause. Each student and family is at different point in their ability to handle the concern that these disturbing messages cause. Please make your plans for tomorrow according to what is best for your student and family on whether to attend school. Teachers will assist students who are absent with missing work by posting the day’s activities in Schoology by the end of the day.”

Oxford schools has armed security at every school building. On Monday, central office administrators were stationed at each building during morning drop offs as well.

While these situations are difficult to work through, we continue to work with law enforcement to provide a safe and secure environment for your child to learn.” Weaver wrote. “We appreciate your continued support and efforts to help us maintain safe schools.”

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