It’s a wrap on 2011

As I sit high up in my office, overlooking the mean streets of Clarkston (that would be Main Street, from Washington to Waldon) it is December 21, 2011. The Winter Solstice and the first day of the last year of life as we know it.
Not only did Dec. 21 mark the date, days start getting longer (yeah) it was also one day closer to the Myan’s calculated end of days date, December 20, 2012 (boo). So, as I sit up here in my ‘ivory tower? I have a good line of vision and I am reflective.
A lot of folks have presented themselves to me. From Lake Orion, Oxford, Clarkston, Goodrich, Brandon, Ortonville — all over — people have contacted me about something I have written, something I should write or something I need to investigate. It has been a good year for reader involvement. It’s fun when you write, call and communicate.
Except for the Orion man who only likes to call me names, and I quote, ‘Rush . . . you nasty little man? I like communicating. And, for the Orion man, I pray that one day the anger and sadness will leave your heart so you can lead a fulfilling life of happiness, peace; reaching out to help people with joy in your, as of now, stained-with-pain heart.
* * *
For 2011 there were a few hot-button topics you readers responded to.
1. Michiganian vs. Michigander.
2. The Spandex Revolution (bicyclists and frogs on the road).
3. Complaining about shoveling snow.
4. Civics and our lack of knowing about them.
5. What happened to the skunks?
6. What if there were no community newspaper?
7. Jumping Spiders on my desk
8. Why I love pie and dog collars.
* * *
This past year I was fortunate enough to talk to and read three local author’s work: Orion Township resident Madeleine Miehls? My Teacher’s Name is Grief; Independence Township resident David Warner’s Dead Lock; and Oxford Township resident E. Tomarke’s, Soul of a Woman, Soul of the Land.
* * *
In 2011, I was able to meet a lot of fine folks, too. My son’s where dragged to a number of events their old man was involved with. Yep, Shamus and Sean Rush will always have fond memories of seeing their father embarrass himself as MC or ‘special? guest at:
1. The Oxford Area Chamber of Commerce’s Community Award’s Gala.
2. The Ortonville Downtown Development Authority’s Night At the Races.
3. Weekly Coffee Club meetings in Ortonville, Clarkston and Lake Orion.
* * *
We — you readers and I — were able to do some good and help North Oakland Animal Husbandry 4-H Club raise some fundage for local mom, Sharon Bergman; as well as raise money for soldiers who come home missing body parts, thanks to Shari Schulz and the ladies at Bonnie & Clyde Boutique in Clarkston. It only took sitting in a dunk tank and getting pies thrown in my face.
* * *
This past year (2011) was good. I suspect 2012 (our last year on the planet as we know it) will be a grand one, too. All the best I wish for you. I hope our relationships continue to grow. I will close with a reader’s comment from 2011 that I hope will bring smiles to your faces. Keep reading and writing!
* * *
. . .It will be nice to have a news group that actually reports the news rather than hearing a (I don’t know what to call you) person beg for community support. Let us not forget your laughable ‘Don’t Rush Me . . . The Show.? . . . Certainly a normal manager would be ashamed of this point . . .well, Rush, enjoy your throne for now til AOL gets here. Hey maybe you can apply for a job . . .

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