Keep competition alive in Oxford Township

 What happens if Oxford Township goes to a single Trash Hauler? What is the backup for any disruption in service? How many trash haulers will be left in business to bid on future service contracts? Doesn’t this just set up our residents for a monopoly trash hauler to demand ever-increasing rates?

Many township residents have already banded together to minimize the number of collection trucks on their streets. They have worked as a street association consolidating their trash service to a recommended preferred hauler. This solves the problem of the number of trucks on their street while giving them excellent service and competitive prices. This also keeps a number of trash haulers available to compete for business in our township.

Why won’t this approach work for residents, who are concerned about the number of trash hauling trucks on their street? Our township officials should help residents implement this working strategy for their particular street. We do not need to jump to a solution of a monopoly trash hauler with all the legal entanglements of bigger township government. Let’s reapply things that are working and keep Personal Choice, Free Enterprise and Competition alive in Oxford Township!

Harvey Westley,

Oxford Township

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