Keep those kitties inside

I like feeding the birds and look forward to the many varieties that appear each day. It’s relaxing and an inexpensive hobby for me.

Imagine my heartbreak when I found a decapitated bird in my bird bath (probably flung there by a cat “playing” with it), or a birdhouse knocked to the ground and the baby house wrens gone this morning.

I feel like feeding the birds is in reality luring them to their death.

Also, this morning I opened my door to see the cat with a baby chipmunk hanging from it’s mouth (maybe it’s the same one I saved from the cat just last week)! So sad!

If you own a gray cat with white paws, wearing a red collar, or a gray cat without a collar, or an orange and white cat, roaming the Hovey St. area, PLEASE be a good neighbor and keep your cats at home where they belong!

Karol McKenzie



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