Lack of patriotism bothers resident

We just celebrated one of America’s holidays – the 4th of July. What a wonderful time to remember what a fantastic country we live in and how thankful we all should feel.

My husband and I celebrated the 4th with a bike ride with our son, daughter-in-law, two grandchildren and our next door neighbor. We started out on the path behind the Oxford library. Then we started on the Polly Ann Trail ending at Scripter Park and headed home. A joyful occasion ended with sadness in seeing how few American flags were being flown by those living in the Village of Oxford. How shameful to see our friends, neighbors and others showing no need to show their patriotism.

Having traveled in many parts of the world, it’s always a satisfying feeling to return home to this marvelous country called the United States of America.

How proud we are when we see the American flag hanging at our ports of entry. How wonderful it is to know we are home and in a country with so many opportunities to offer us in our later years of life and to our children and grandchildren as they grow into respectful American citizens.

I encourage everyone to take a hard look at what we have as citizens of this country. Turn the evening news on and see what devastation other peoples of the world are going through. They live in safe haven camps, they carry their dead, they scrounge for their next meal. How they survive is only through God’s grace.

I thank those who did fly an American flag whether it to be several along a sidewalk, one flying from a porch or pole, or even displaying an American bunting. Be proud, citizens of Oxford. Be proud of where you live. Be proud to fly our “Grand Ol’ Flag” every day or, at the very least, on our national holidays. Show how blessed we are to live in a country like no other. We have a freedom that can’t be taken for granted. Be proud to be an American and show it.

Carla Lambertson, Oxford Village


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