Letter to the Editor: Vote ‘yes’ on school millage

I would like to ask the community to consider voting “YES” for the RENEWAL of the non-homestead millage proposal for the Oxford school district, which will appear on the Nov. 8 ballot.

Here are some facts for your consideration:

* The current millage is set to expire December 31, 2016.

* Without the renewal, Oxford Community Schools will lose $5.1M annually from our general fund budget.

* The state will not replace these funds. The state assumes that EVERY district will generate 18 mills from non-homestead taxes.

* This millage proposal does not raise the taxes on your personal property.

* It is a tax that businesses currently pay. Restaurants, hair salons, repair shops, Meijer.

In the mid-nineties, Michigan voters chose to turn over school funding to the state, and along with that vote came the non-homestead tax. Voters are asked to renew that tax for ten-year periods., Up until this year, Oxford and nearly every community (if not all) have passed their non-homestead millage renewals.

What do you gain from voting “yes”? Well, it depends on how you look at things. Here is what I think we gain: we gain a younger generation who one day will appreciate the education that was provided for them by others.

Public education is not a choice; it is a right. It is our responsibility to mold young minds to become tomorrow’s leaders and champions of others. I hope in 20 years, my son and daughter will value the education that was provided to them and give back to those who made a difference in their lives.

With that in mind, I would like to thank all of the business owners who have so graciously given to our district in so many ways. Your financial contributions and genuine support of our athletic teams, our bands, our Robotics teams, our equestrian team, and our arts-related activities (and on and on) is very much appreciated.

It’s good to be a Wildcat!

Dan D’Alessandro



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