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Supervisor Dunn won’t seek re-election

Dear Editor,

For over 20 years, I’ve had the privilege and the pleasure to serve the people of Oxford Township as their supervisor.
When I was originally appointed to this position, Oxford was a community tainted by corruption, rocked by scandal and divided by an imaginary line on a map that separated the township and village.
Two decades and five elections later, Oxford is a thriving and welcoming community that’s growing in a steady, but responsible manner. The township’s financial position is incredibly strong and stable. The township and village governments have a solid, productive and positive working relationship. Residents live and raise families in safe, clean, friendly neighborhoods. The township’s fire department and police services, provided by the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office, are second to none.
Looking around at everything that’s been accomplished, everything that’s been built, I’ve decided to retire as supervisor on November 20. The decision to not seek re-election wasn’t an easy one, but it is the right one for me and for my lovely wife, Betty.
To replace me, I sincerely hope the voters of Oxford will see fit to elect Trustee Jack Curtis as supervisor. He has my full support. I can honestly think of no one else more qualified, more experienced or better suited to help lead this community.
With so many big changes coming to Oxford, such as the Beaumont medical campus, now is most definitely not the time to hand the reins to untested, unproven or inexperienced leadership. Now is the time to maintain continuity, retain institutional knowledge and put your trust in those who have already demonstrated sound judgment.
Oxford needs someone like Jack Curtis in its corner, someone who knows his way around local government and understands its inner workings. Jack has served on the township board of trustees since 2012 and he’s been a dedicated member of the township planning commission for 14 years. He also serves on the village’s planning commission, the township safety path committee and the township water and sewer committee, the latter of which he chairs.
Even though Jack is not a full-time elected official, he certainly works like one. He is constantly at the township hall, meeting with people, asking questions, reviewing documents and searching for solutions to problems. Out in the community, Jack is always there, attending events and meetings, advocating for Oxford’s needs and interests, listening to everyone who crosses his path, from residents to business owners. Jack doesn’t want to be supervisor because he needs a job. He doesn’t see it as just another job and neither should anyone else. Jack wants to be supervisor because he wants to continue guiding, improving and protecting the community he loves, the community where he raised his family.
No one can match Jack’s knowledge of Oxford. No one can match Jack’s passion for Oxford. No one can match Jack’s devotion to Oxford. That’s why I strongly encourage everyone to vote for Jack Curtis and make him the next township supervisor.
To everyone reading this I say, if you voted for me, respect me, believe in me and trust me as your supervisor, then please do the same for Jack Curtis.
As for myself, I don’t plan on leaving township government. I just want to switch seats. That’s why I’m formally announcing my candidacy for township trustee.
I still believe I have a lot to offer and a lot to contribute. As a trustee, the township board could continue to benefit from my 20 years of knowledge, experience and relationships. I want to continue to serve my community. I want to continue to give back. Please give me an opportunity to continue serving you in a new way.
Thank you for everything, Oxford. Thank you for supporting me. Thank you for believing in me. Thank you for the last 20 years. It’s been an honor.

William Dunn
Oxford Township Supervisor


‘Thank you’ for the holiday meals

Dear Editor,

Meals on Wheels of Oxford, Lake Orion and Addison would like to thank CJ‘s Cafe and Independence Village of Waterstone for providing the holiday meals for our homebound senior citizens. Because of these establishments and our dedicated holiday drivers, the homebound seniors in our area were greeted with not only a delicious hot meal but a wonderful smile and holiday visit.
Thank you to all who gave their time during the holidays to provide for others.

Oxford/Orion/Addison Meals on Wheels

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