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Vote For . . .

Oxford residents have the opportunity to shape the trajectory of the community’s future when they go to the polls in a few weeks.  The open seat for the newly-formed 66th House District and four open seats for the Board of Education will make this a consequential election.

I support Emily Busch for the state House seat and Andrea Hamilton, as a write-in candidate, for the Board of Education. Both are deeply invested in our community.

Emily will support legislation that directly impacts Oxford residents. She will work towards supporting our teachers and addressing teacher shortages, and support legislation to improve the mental health of our teachers, staff and students in the wake of this terrible tragedy on November 30.  She supports the rights of women to make all of their own healthcare decisions, and the rights of workers in our community to advocate for such basic needs as paid family leave and sick pay.  Emily has worked tirelessly in reaching out to the community in this campaign.

Andrea has children in three different Oxford public schools. Andrea has two degrees in social work and has extensive experience in mental health. I believe her experience in this field will enable her to make valuable contributions to our community as we continue our recovery.  Andrea‚Äôs a strong advocate of teachers and will be a voice for all students. She will remain focused on the business of the Board and the needs of our community.

I hope that members of our community will give thoughtful consideration to these two outstanding candidates.

George Stoffan, Oxford

Another election letter

Oakland County Public Transportation Millage is a NEW TAX for all of Oakland County property of .95 mils, which equates to $0.95 cents in additional property taxes per $1,000 in SEV taxable value on a property. This would equate to thousands of dollars in new taxes, spanning a decade, for Oakland County homeowners. Example: Your home is valued at $400,000 CASH/ $200,000 SEV (State Equalized Value, what you are taxed on) YOU will pay $190 MORE a YEAR or $1,900 over 10 years! – VOTE NO!

Vote for Josh Schriver for State representative 66th district, he will listen to your input on any issue and look into how to help. He will be providing his explanation on what is in each bill that he would be voting on and why he voted that way. He is transparent and will bring our communities’ voice to the Legislature. 

Vote for Amanda McDonough, Bryan Eftink, James Sommers, Mike Whitney for Oxford School Board: they will bring transparency back to the school Board.

Ron Renaud

Addison Township

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