Letters to the editor

How much per chair?

Dear Editor,

I was happy to see the synopsis of the Oxford Township meeting from January 11 that was in the January 18 edition of the Oxford Leader.

The new chairs on the way section made me do some math and find out exactly how much each chair cost. According to my trusty calculator each chair is costing us taxpayers $613.77. ($9,206.55/15). Wow. Those must be some chairs. Are these the chairs that the board members sit in once or twice a month for a board meeting? Maybe they are used up to five times a month? Maybe younguns sit and spin on these when not used for official business? They could have gotten a really nice rocker recliner for less than $600 according to my internet search.

What a waste of taxpayer money. Couldn’t our trustees find a better way to spend the $9,200 then to make their tushie more cushie? Maybe I’m missing something in your little paragraph but my calculating and fiscal mind is spinning.

Mary Reynolds

Oxford Township

Let us decide how to spend

Dear Editor,

$375,000 in Federal funding for a safety path in Oxford? (Proposed Safety Path Receives Federal Funding, Jan. 18, Oxford Leader) Perhaps the United States Federal Government should not be returning our tax dollars for things we have to beg for, and instead let Michiganders decide how we prefer to spend our tax dollars and what projects we support. If Michigan residents could just keep 10 percent of what we send to the Federal Government we might use the dollars for our choice of projects.

Sandy Hale

Brandon Township

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