Medicare fraud

 Just some information, I wanted to share with the community.

I received my Medicare Summary Notice which lists what medicare paid for my medical expenses. I had never ordered a Covid test kit, but had received one last May. My Medicare Summary had a total of four test kits listed.

I called Medicare and discovered some labs sent out those test kits even without the person ordering them and charging Medicare for them. Medicare was charged for a total of five test kits for me. I had not received five. Some of those charges were back to a 2022 date.

I would suggest that if you have those charges on your Summary and you did not order any of the Covid test kits that you call Medicare and let them know. They are aware that this was fraud and can only take action if you call. The number is on your Summary but here it is if you need it, 1-800-633-4227.

Harry Fischer,


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  1. 9/7/23 I also saw Covid Test kits on my Medicare and I did call Medicare seeing as 32 of those test kits have been delivered to me and I never ordered even ONE! They told me there is a HUGE fraud across the entire county and they did take the name of those who were named on my info sheet. And they thanked me for my info…Carol Louden

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