Moth spraying starts in May

A spongy moth in catepillar form looks harmless, but it’s devouring this tree’s foliage at a home on Ray Rd. in Addison Township.

By Dean Vaglia
Leader Staff Writer
Aerial spraying for spongy moth caterpillar suppression is set to begin around mid or late May.
Funded in part by the Oakland County 2022 Moth Suppression Reimbursement Grant and by local townships, pesticide application will occur in three spray blocks across 446 acres in Oxford Township and nine spray blocks across 685 acres in Addison Township.
According to a letter from Michigan State University Extension in Oakland County, spraying will occur in mornings “at first light when weather conditions are optimal” by airplane using the bacterial pesticide Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) in the form of a “very fine mist.” Bt spray dries within four to six hours after application.
Bt has been used in Michigan spray programs since 1985 due to it occurring naturally in soil and only harming spongy moth caterpillars. Humans, pets, birds, butterflies, fish, plants and other insects are not harmed by Bt, and people can enter the spay area immediately after spraying.
Maps of spray blocks can be found at township offices or be obtained through the MSU Extension, which is taking questions through voicemail messages at (248) 855-0887. The extension responds to messages two to three times a week.

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