Oxford Library looking for your input

Online survey available to take until Feb. 12

By Don Rush

Oxford Public Library is looking for your help to plan for the future. According to Library Director Byran Cloutier, engaged the professional services of The Ivy Group, headquartered in Charlottesville, VA., to conduct an online survey.

We want input from everyone in the community,” Cloutier said. “We want to give everyone here a voice at the table.”

Bryan Coultier

The survey is part of the library’s strategic planning process, which started last October with group discussions. The last strategic plan expired in 2020.

The library’s current strategic plan was adopted in 2011 and operated though 2015.” he said. “It was later refreshed and extended through 2020 before it expired during the height of the COVID pandemic.  So much has changed and advanced in the information and educational industry during that time frame, and our community has witnessed a great deal of trials and tribulation as well—making it even more relevant and important that we go through this process now.

Working together we have launched an ambitious strategic planning project to gain a better understanding of the programs and services that residents want their public library to provide now and in the future.”

The online survey will be available through Sunday, February 12.

According to Cloutier, all responses are kept anonymous and used only by the library to evaluate offerings, services, programs, communications, and business practices that will better address community-wide needs. The survey can be found on the library’s website at www.miopl.org, or by visiting the library’s Facebook page.

It takes approximately nine minutes to complete,” he said. “Please consider sharing your input so that we are able to build a solid foundation for library services in Oxford that lasts for generations to come.” Questions concerning the library and its planning process can be directed to Cloutier at 248-628-3034 ext. 211.


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