Oxford schools to cut five positions

Layoffs are part of district’s budget reduction plan

By Shelby Stewart-Soldan
Staff Writer
OXFORD TWP. – During the regularly scheduled meeting on Feb. 13, the Oxford Board of Education voted unanimously on five lay-offs starting at the end of June. The layoffs are part of a budget reduction plan.
The five positions affected are three guest administrator positions, the school safety administrator, and the assistant superintendent of secondary instruction.
“Basically, we had three guest administrators at the high school who were hired to help with the initial return of students to the high school,” said Superintendent Dr. Vickie Markavitch. “It was positions that were described as being three years from the start, and those three years are up. I spoke to the high school administration and they are prepared to manage the change.”
She also explained how the reorganization plan would be put into place for the work of those positions.
“Central management for safety and security can be done by one person,” she said. “For that we’re going to extend the work hours of the admin assistant in that department.”
There will also be one assistant superintendent for learning and instruction for all of pre-K through grade 12, instead of two positions for secondary and primary instruction.
“All principals will report to her, as well as the director of special education, the director of recovery and student services, and the CTE director,” said Markavitch.
The lay-offs take effect on June 28.

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