Oxford survivors fund

Dear Editor,
I dislike when a statement is prefaced with “I think we can all agree…” I am going to use it anyway.
I think we can all agree that the majority of the donors to the accounts at Oxford Bank and Genisys Credit Union expect the majority of the funds to go to the families of those that were killed and to the survivors that were wounded that day. Those that suffered death or injury that day clearly should receive the majority of the funds raised.
It seems reasonable that a preliminary distribution can and should be made now to those that were directly impacted. There were 15 families directly impacted that day. Disperse $50,000 (or any other amount) to each while the process of a distribution plan runs its course. Once the plan is established, then distribute the remainder of the funds.
Steve Domenico
(Editor’s Note: see our story on Page 1)

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