Oxford Top 25: Olivia Soule

Olivia Soule

Olivia Soule

Parents: Scott and Keri Soule

GPA: 4.038 Favorite Subject: IB Biology

Plans after Graduation: I plan on attending Maine Maritime Academy to study Marine Systems Engineering

Extracurricular Activities: Varsity Golf, Varsity Lacrosse and National Honor Society

Outside Interests or Hobbies: Travel Lacrosse, snorkeling, hiking and fishing.

When I think of the future I’m . . . Working within the shipping industry as an engineer or captain and working to broaden the shipping industry’s use of more sustainable technology.

How have you grown as an individual during your years at OHS? I have learned the importance of, and to respect, the value of knowledge and my opportunity to learn not only through a formal education but throughout life.

What change in the world would you make? I would make the change to increase the use of reusable and sustainable resources to help increase wildlife and environmental conservation.

What advice do you have for incoming Freshman? I would tell incoming freshmen to learn as much as they can in high school but also to have fun with friends and not take themselves too seriously.

My greatest achievement so far has been. . . Earning US Lacrosse All Academic, to me it represents not only my hard work as a student but as an athlete who competes year round.

I look forward to contributing to my community by . . . Encouraging younger generations to give back and do what inspires them.

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