Oxford Township man dies in Kalloway’s parking lot

An Oxford Township man was found by a friend unconscious and not responding after going to take a nap in his van parked in the lot of Kalloway’s Restaurant & Pub, located on N. Lapeer Rd, on Monday, April 12.
Carl Douglas Fullerton, 57, had shown up to work around 10:30 a.m. and met his colleague and friend Wayne Field, 53, of Milford, at Kalloway’s. The two men were to powerwash the outside of the restaurant.
According to the Oxford Substation Sheriff’s report, Fullerton told Field he was not feeling well after working for a while and asked his friend to hand him a baggy with some small white pills. Field told police that Fullerton took a couple of the pills, which he thought were aspirin, and then decided to take a nap in his van.
About 45 minutes later, Field returned to his own vehicle, which was parked beside Fullerton’s, to find his friend sitting in his van. Field told police ‘his head was tilted back and his eyes were wide open.? After finding the driver’s side door locked, the Milford man opened the passenger side door of the van and found that the Fullerton’s hand was cold and there was no pulse.
Field ran inside of Kalloway’s Restaurant and had employees call 911.
Sheriff’s deputies arrived on scene around 2:15 p.m. to find the Oxford Fire Department administering CPR. Fullerton was transported by American Medical Response to Pontiac Osteopathic Hospital where he was pronounced deceased at 2:56 p.m.
The sheriff’s report states that Field was not aware of any health conditions or prescriptions Fullerton may have had at the time. However, Fullerton’s ex-wife, who was working at Kalloway’s that day, said he had been complaining of chest pains, had not been to see a doctor in years and had just gotten over a case of Romanic fever.
Fullerton was transferred into the county medical examiner’s custody and an autopsy will be performed to find the official cause of death.