Oxford Township Primary Election 2020

One runs for Supervisor
Republican Jack L. Curtis, 66, of Grampian Dr., will run unopposed for for township supervisor. He has lived in community 46 years and was first elected township trustee since 2012. Serves as township’s liaison to the Village of Oxford Planning Commission
What is your #1 concern and your solution? Planning for the future. Since Oxford owns its own water treatment system, as the community grows we need to make sure we have an efficient water system. I am the chair of the Township Water and Sewer Committee. We are diligently working to improve the system, but it is nowhere near where it needs to be.


Two run for Treasurer

Republican Joseph G. Ferrari, 53 of Gibson Ave. was first elected township treasurer in 1992. He has lived in the the community for 30 years.
What is your #1 concern and your solution? Is making sure the township maintains its fiscal responsibility as we have done throughout my tenure in office. Governmental finances are changing daily and we need a treasurer to stay on top of it by being honest, knowledgeable and hard-working. Upon my recommendation, Oxford Township amended its 2020 budget to take into account potential state revenue sharing changes. If elected, I promise to continue serving township constituents to the best of my ability.

 Republican Anne Marie Roop, 49, has been in the community since 1984.
What is your #1 concern and your solution? “I love this community and am proud of everything our township has accomplished working together. At the same time, I believe there is incredible room for growth. My number one concern for Oxford Township is budget accountability and transparency.
Taxpayers deserve to know where and how our hard-earned money is being spent by elected officials. I was surprised to find out the 2020 budget is not available to view on the Oxford Township Treasurer web page. It has been 10 months since the budget was passed.
“My solution starts with modernizing the treasurer’s office and emphasizing user-friendly tools that save taxpayers time. People are online more than ever now; we owe it to our residents to prioritize communication and resources through the internet. Whether it’s paying taxes or looking for budget information, as treasurer I will prioritize modern tools to make Oxford residents’ lives easier.”

One runs for Clerk

Republican Curtis W. Wright, 61.
How long have you been in the community? “This is my life; I grew up here. I went to Clear Lake School, I went to Oxford Junior High, which is now Lakeville Elementary, and then graduated from Oxford High School on Pontiac Street, which is now the Oxford Early Learning Center.
“I’ve been the clerk since 2008 and was the supervisor from 1994-98. So, this will be my fourth election for the clerk position.”
What is your primary concern in Oxford Township and your solution?
“Safety of the community would probably be number one right now with the coronavirus (COVID-19) taking place and civil unrest in the rest of the country. Making sure our police and fire can keep up their staff, people-wise, and they’re supported.
“People welcome their help, instead of wanting to turn them away because of other situations going on. That’s definitely one of the big concerns I have, a priority, to continue to support those two entities.
“They are, I guess you might say, an expensive type of overhead, because when you look at the time of need of services, a lot of people don’t need those services except for certain points in time. But when you do need them, you’re glad you have them.”

5 running for 4 seats as township trustee

Republican Rod Charles, 70, of Beemer Ct., has lived in the community for 39 years
#1 issue and solution: Keeping property taxes manageable while supporting the infrastructure needs of our growing community.




Republican Jonathan Nold, 60
How long have you been in the community? “I grew up in Fort Wayne, Indiana and came up here to go to school at Rochester College. I graduated from Rochester College, Lawrence Technological University and Central Michigan University. I worked at General Dynamics Land Systems for about 14 years, then I migrated to a company down the road here, Schenck Turner Balancing Equipment. I went into business for my own about 22 years ago, so we’ve lived in Oxford for 30 years.
“I got involved with the Planning Commission about two-and-a-half years ago and became an appointed trustee in April when Elgin Nichols retired.”
What is your primary concern for Oxford Township and your solution? “The immediate problem is we have M-24 (Lapeer Road) torn up extensively, and we have the COVID crisis.
“Some of our township businesses have $2,300-$2,400 per month in rent, that’s a lot of product – whatever they’re selling or making – to sell before they can even make their rent, let alone pay the electric. Some of the federal grants are great, but they’re only taking up a small portion of that.
“That’s my concern, we have a lot in our community who need the basics. The food banks, I’ve helped with FISH, I had a donation program where I went to the area businesses on M-24 and within three weeks, I collected $4,400 from those businesses, and some of them were private individuals who heard about it and wanted to be part of it, and we donated that money to FISH to use to buy food for those in need.
“Another thing I have been active in is Love INC’s program with the Methodist Church. I’ve tried to be visible in the community on needs, so the community can understand I can roll my shirtsleeves up and I can do the work.”

Incumbent Republican Margaret Payne, 65, of Keble Ln.
How long have you been in the community? “My husband Pat and I have lived in Oxford for 33 years, and raised three children here.  
“I would say that my number one concern is the health and well being of our residents. But in addition to that I want to make sure that the Township’s finances continue to stay healthy.”
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Republicans William Dunn and Patti Durr are also running to be Oxford Township Trustee. They did not reply to our request to be a part of this voter’s guide.




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