Oxford’s Academic Achiever: Riley Hodder

Riley Hodder
Parents: Cale and Teresa Hodder
GPA: 4.15 Favorite Subject: I like all math classes

Plans after graduation: I know I’m going to college, but I’m still applying

Extracurricular Activities: I am co-captain of the Oxford High School Equestrian Team, as well as a member of the NHS chapter of Oxford high school.

Outside Interests and Hobbies: I am a writer and I also ride horses. I am an avid reader as well.

What did you learn about yourself during lockdown?
I think the biggest thing that I learned was that the right environment can help any situation. With small changes to my space and state of mind, I found myself much more motivated, and ready for the challenges that school and the world posed during the shutdown.

How have you grown as an individual during your time at OHS? My confidence since I started High School has skyrocketed. I learned a lot about who I am, and more importantly, I learned to stick by that. I’ve slowly accepted that I am in total control of who I am and what makes me happy, and have sought out the joys of the world for myself.

What change in the world would you make? Right now, I would move the world’s industries towards clean energy. I think it’s so important for our environment, and the idea that we won’t make the change in time is terrifying for me.

What advice do you have for incoming freshmen? Don’t be afraid to try new things. High School and this time in your life is all about discovering who you are, and you’re never going to do that if you don’t leave your comfort zone. Try out a new activity, sport, or join a new community, whatever it is it’ll help you discover a new corner of yourself no matter if you hate it or love it.

My greatest achievement so far has been: Becoming the Co-Captain of my Equestrian Team.
I went from being such a shy girl at the back of the team to leading it and interacting with all of the girls and actively trying to encourage bonds and friendships among them grow as riders and people. It’s honestly been the greatest honor of my entire high school career to lead them and work with my co-captain Olivia Dorman.

I look forward to contributing to my community by:
Changing the way people live their lives. I’m always trying to bring in new, active changes into my life to change it for the betterment of myself or my community, and I want to encourage other people to do the same. Little things like using reusable water bottles or grocery bags make a big difference in the long run, and I want to help people make these changes in their life so that the effects are more widespread and monumental.

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