Oxford’s Student of The Week

Marshall. -Photo provided.

Student Name: Andrew Marshall

Parents: Peter Marshall and Erin Marshall

Grade: 12

GPA: 4.071

Favorite Subject(s): Engineering and Calculus

Extracurricular activities: Cyber Security Club and Robotics Club (T.O.R.C. 2137)

Hobbies/Interests: Chess, solving Rubik’s cubes, and programming.

Plans after graduation: Planning to go to college and major in computer science but am undecided about which university.

Proudest of: I obtained the Seth Davis Award from Oxford Wrestling in 10th grade. This award was for the best backup wrestler. It was the most difficult award I have ever worked for to obtain. I was weighing around 125 pounds but cut down to the 112-pound weight class which was excruciating. I barely ate and had to participate in extremely difficult practices, but I did it for the team. They honored me with the Seth Davis Award, and I am thankful to receive it.

Makes a contribution by: I help to tutor others in and out of the classroom while studying at home to better aid the Cyber Security and Robotics clubs. I also volunteer at Bridgewood Church and help in activities such as the Christmas Story Express.

What he thinks of the future: There are lots of opportunities for invention and innovation that would really benefit the world today, especially in the areas of computer science. I hope to participate in the creation of these new technologies such as artificial intelligence and quantum computing through hard work and determination.

Favorite thing about Oxford High School: The love and support from all of the teachers.

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