Park Street water main construction expected to begin ‘immediately after’ the Fourth of July

By Joseph Goral
Staff Writer
OXFORD — The Park Street water main construction project is expected to begin ‘immediately after’ the Fourth of July, according to a contract for engineering services sent to village manager Joe Madore by ROWE Professional Services Company.
The Oxford Village Council approved an agreement that will allow ROWE engineering to oversee the project during a meeting on May 14.
The project will span two blocks of Park Street, from Pontiac Street to Mechanic Street. According to ROWE, improvements include abandoning the existing water main, installing a new 8-inch water main, installing new services on 25 homes, replacing the lead service to the meter for around 10 homes and installing a new infiltration storm sewer at four locations.
ROWE’s budget for the services totals $63,250, according to village documents. The budget is based on the equivalent of a seven-and-one-half week period where observation is needed. The services include “full-time observation, construction staking, density testing for water-main trench back fills, hot-mix asphalt density testing, contract administration and coordination between the city, contractor and adjacent property owners” and tenants, according to the letter.
Hutch Paving Inc. will complete the asphalt work which includes pulverizing the existing asphalt surface before new hot-mix asphalt is installed.
Botswick Excavating will work with Hutch Paving to complete underground and grading work, according to the letter ROWE sent Madore.
Repairs are also listed in a bid tab for Park Street’s sanitary sewer lateral, a pipe carrying waste water to the public sanitary sewer main. Some of the repairs include sewer-lateral replacements, T-connection cleanings, tree-root removal and more.
ROWE has funds included to be used to document locations of water-main structures, relocated shut-off boxes and location information for bends, tees, proposed infiltration basins and more.
Engineering agreements also include construction survey staking before the project begins, facilitating and administrating change orders, record keeping of measurements and quantities installed and creating pay applications for the contractor of the project. ROWE also conducts follow-ups, outstanding items with contractors until billing is complete. A water main permit from EGLE is currently pending.
Hutch Paving was awarded the project’s contact on April 9 after the company placed the lowest bid out of four companies.

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