Police Files

Woman Arrested
Oakland County Sheriff’s Office (OCSO) deputies responded to an attempted vehicle theft — officially Unlawfully Driving Away an Automobile (UUDA) — incident on the evening of Friday, April 29. A 31-year-old Oxford Township woman pulled up to a Drahner Rd. home around 7:30 p.m. and, according to witnesses, entered a work van parked outside the home and started the van. Witnesses in the home confronted the woman and stopped her from driving away. She then entered her own vehicle and left, but returned to the home several minutes later. The woman then left down Drahner Rd. on foot before being stopped and interviewed by OCSO deputies.
The woman stated she was at the home to pick up her ex-boyfriend’s work van, that he was “on his way to meet her,” and that she did not mean to get into the vehicle. The woman was arrested, returned to the home, searched and questioned.
According to reports, she admitted to using meth and could not provide a sufficient, consistent explanation for her actions before being arrested for attempted UUDA and Operating Under Influence of Drugs (OUID), taken to McLaren-Oakland for a blood test and then taken to the Oakland County Jail.

Four unidentified suspects are implicated in an unsolved larceny from a vehicle on Saturday, April 23, according to an OCSO report. A 62-year-old Davison man was vacuuming his vehicle while working at an auto parts shop on Lapeer Rd. in Oxford Township when two cars each with two “younger looking males” pulled up. The man left the car to attend to the customers, forgetting to close the back hatch of the car. After returning home the man noticed a medicine bottle and about $30 were missing from the vehicle.

Welfare Check, Obstructing Police
Oxford Village Police officers visited and E. Burdick St. home on Monday, April 25 after neighbors suspected domestic violence was occurring. Officers knocked on the front door and received no response but considering past actions by the 33-year-old male resident, the suspicion of domestic violence and a broken window with a blood-like substance nearby it, the officers entered through the rear door to find nobody inside.
After contacting the man’s sister, officers found the man at a home in Orion Township. The man “began to hit the inside of the window and doors while screaming” after officers knocked on the door. Two adults inside the house did not open the door while the man continued to hit windows. Officers called for backup and secured a warrant to enter the home, and the man began to “resist/fight” with officers.
Three officers were required to restrain the man, eventually brining him to the ground to arrest him for obstructing police. He continued to act this way as he was taken to the Oxford Police Department and during his booking process, which required several officers to complete. The man was then taken to McLaren Oakland for a CT scan — requiring multiple sedative shots — and later transported to the Oakland County Jail.

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