Public Notice: Addison Township


A Public Hearing will be held on August 15, 2022 at 6:00 P.M. or as soon thereafter as possible, at the
Addison Township Office, 1440 Rochester Road, Leonard, MI 48367. The purpose of the hearing is to
receive public comment on the Cemetery Ordinance as described below. The text may be viewed in full
or purchased at the Township Clerk’s office at the address above during regular business hours.
TO AMEND THE CODE OF ORDINANCES Ordinance 22-1 Chapter 14 Cemeteries
AN ORDINANCE, that governs the Townships Cemeteries, burial spaces, and grounds.
SECTION 1. Definitions.
SECTION 2. Establishment of regulations.
SECTION 3. Cemetery Hours.
SECTION 4. Substance Abuse.
SECTION 5. Loitering; creating disturbance.
SECTION 6. Damaging or defacing monuments, structures or grounds.
SECTION 7 Sale of burial spaces.
SECTION 8. Markers or memorials.
SECTION 9. Interment regulations.
SECTION 10. Ground maintenance.
SECTION 11. Forfeiture of vacant cemetery lots or burial spaces.
SECTION 12. Repurchase of lots or burial spaces.
SECTION 13. Records.
SECTION 14. Columbarium Niches.
SECTION 15. Repealer.
SECTION 16. Effective date.
Public comment is encouraged at the meeting or written comments may be submitted to the address above
to the attention of Pauline Bennett, Clerk to be received no later than the close of business day of the
hearing date or hand delivered at the Hearing. Reasonable accommodations to persons with disabilities
will be offered if requests are received sufficiently in advance at the address above, to the Township
Clerk. The full ordinance and board pack will be available on the Township website 6 days prior to the
Pauline Bennett, Clerk- Addison Township 248.628.3317 ext 216
Publish: July 27, 2022

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