Public Safety Jan. 2, 2019

Driving while high in the village

A 19-year-old Lake Orion man was arrested after driving while under the influence of marijuana through the Village of Oxford on the evening of Dec. 19. Two village police officers noticed the man pulling out of an area on Burdick St. known for its drug presence and began following him, after which he began speeding through downtown Oxford.

According to the police report, the man was observed going 40 miles per hour through downtown, which is a 30 mph zone. When police pulled him over, they could smell marijuana. The man told officers he had smoked the drug four hours prior. The report states the man had trouble with or completely failed doing sobriety tests like the one leg stand, walk and turn as well as the finger to nose test. Though a breathalyzer showed he was not drunk, blood tests showed he was under the influence of drugs. The man was arrested and taken to Oakland County Jail without any incident.