Robo-calling weanies, watch out!

Hey, not to be a Donny Downer dude and rain on everybody’s nice weather parade, but . . . uhm, I got my first smackin? frackin? ‘skeeter bite this past weekend! Come on, it’s mid March in southeastern Michigan. There should still be slush somewhere other than the U.P.
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So, last week I popped off over the Republican party’s robo calling crackpots. I’ll admit it, I was ticked off. Well, I ain’t alone. Hot damn! Looks like I done stirred up a little hornets? nest. Now, let’s see if we can get some action.
Right here and right now, fellow Americans, let us take a stand. Mail your political leaders my column and attach your commentary. Exnay robocallay!
Here are what some of your fellow patriots of phone sanctity have said.
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Dear Don, You took the words out of my mouth. Your column was fantastic! I was receiving up to six robo calls from one candidate for three weeks. It was the same calls over and over. Once the other candidates got into it we stopped answering the phone whenever it rang. I wish the candidates could know how these calls turned people off. They would quit in a heartbeat if they knew it was costing them votes. Thanks for saying what most people were thinking. Gail V
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Dear Don, I moved from the Romeo area in late November . . . (and now about) the dreaded Robo Call! You asked us to let you know if we felt like you do, my answer is a resounding YES! Like many typical families, everyone in our household has a cell phone, although in the spirit of full disclosure the service is not activated on our two-year-old’s phone.
When we moved in, we did get a home phone to be used in the case of an emergency. For the first couple weeks, we actually used it occasionally and discussed giving out the number. But then came the telemarketers, and within a month less than one call out of 20 were from someone we knew.
Eventually, we chose to keep the phone in case of emergency but simply turned off the ringer and quit answering it all together.
Now, in an effort to prove just how out of touch politicians are with us lowly common folk they have turned to calling our cell phones. I can honestly tell you, I don’t know a single person who actually stops to listen to the entire Robo Call message.
In an admittedly unscientific poll, 100% of everyone I asked said they not only hang up the minute they realize it is a Robo Call, it instantly enrages them.
I am writing to let you know you can count me in on the revolution! I want to know why they feel they are above the rules that apply to rest of us and I want to know what it is they feel they are accomplishing with these calls.
If these calls don’t alienate 100% of the voters who receive them, I am confident it alienates a minimum of 99% of them. Thank you. Fred P
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Way to go Don, I am with you all the way, NO MORE ROBO CALLS!
One would think that after all these years of ‘way before season,? most aggravating election ads, that more people would be even less tolerant of these political ideologue advertisers who started an even bigger campaign push with these soulless automated robo calls.
It’s sad in a way, but I too have had thoughts that my vote may very well go to the person running whom least bothers me with these least informative and ever-so-embarrassing (for the candidate) intrusions, it is that bad.
What a shocker (actually I was), when you mentioned that the people in charge of advertising are all in their 20’s. One would think that it would make more sense to put the most seasoned advertising professionals in place to get out the best lasting image of whom you are and what you represent. It may be more money spent, but in the long run it’s the results that count.
You’ve got my vote Don. I definitely feel the same as you in regards to these blasted robo calls. To start, I will send off messages to our current elected officials, then onto the one’s that have been running in this Political Primary, then on to the big ‘toadies? in the pond, the GOP.
If enough of us do it then maybe, just maybe, it will make it past the mail room or the official office screener/replier of emails, and who knows, maybe a more adult approach just might happen . . . Thanks Don, all in our household enjoy your column (and Jim Sherman’s) each and every week. John T
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