RTA ‘not a scam,’ it’s ‘charity, in the form of a tax’

I am compelled to tell you that I find your editorial of Nov. 2, “Vote NO on the RTA scam,” deeply offensive.

I do not care about your publication deadline (which I’ve missed) but I did want to get my comments to you before the polls close today.

Frankly, I do not expect the RTA proposal to pass. There is no question but that the people (homeowners) who will pay the most are the ones least likely to utilize any expanded service, and the increase in millage is not insubstantial. In a climate where any form of increased taxation is deemed evil, approval for this proposal seems unlikely.

However, the RTA proposal is NOT a scam, and it is disgraceful that you should choose to characterize it that way.

It is a way for people who are better off to provide some benefits to those who cannot provide for themselves.

Yes, it’s charity, in the form of a tax.

Perhaps some would like to call that socialism. But in any case, it is not a scam, and it is not “grubby” or “thieving.” It is what it is. Some of us prefer to think that “our community” might extend further south than Indianwood Road, and worthy of consideration for financial support.

I don’t believe I have taken a ride on a public bus for more than 30 years, and I don’t expect that I would personally utilize such a service if it were available. But I do believe that some of my neighbors – including those who live south of 8 Mile Road – will benefit, and that the metropolitan Detroit area will be better for it.

By the way, if you were citing the singer who has been nationally famous for nearly 50 years, her name is spelled Barbra Streisand, not Barbara.

Patricia Johnson

Oxford Township


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