Schools project $88 million budget for 2022-23 school year

By Don Rush

Last month the Oxford school board approved the General Fund budget for the 2022-2023 school year with revenues calculated at $88,237,328 – about $4,000 more than the final amended budget for the 2021-22 school year. The school year started July 1, 2022 and ends on June 30, 2023.

Sam Barna

According to Sam Barna, Assistant Superintendent of Business and Operations the increased revenues expected are from a $400 increase in per pupil allowance by the state. Last year the district received $8,700 per full time student, this year the allowance is $9,100. Barna is expecting enrollment in Oxford Community Schools to be the same as last school year, 7,058 full time equivalent students.

The district expects expenses for the 2022-23 year to be $87,932,203. The $305,125 leftover will be added to the district’s fund balance, which will grow to $11,614,536.

The largest expenditure in the budget is $44,515,963 for “Basic Programs,” a $981,412 increase from the previous school year. Basic Programs pays salaries for general education teachers, para-pros, sub costs, textbooks and supplies.

Under the category of “Support Services” expenditures for “Pupils” is $6,411,297, up from $5,748,870 last year. This fund pays salaries and benefits for speech pathologists, psychologists, counselors and for Dean of students. “Instruction Staff” spending increased from $3,535,580 last year to $3,902,453 this year. This fund pays for the IB Coordinators, literacy and math coaches; instructional technology consultant; school improvement expenses; curriculum budget; Curriculum & Special Ed/Student Services Administration salaries and benefits.

General Administration” costs were projected to decrease $134,035 over last year, from $1,355,597 to $1,221,562. This fund pays Board of Education expenses, legal fees, superintendent and secretary salaries and benefits.

The cost for “School Administration” increased from $4,893,262 to $5,519,835. This fund pays salaries and benefits for all school building principals, assistant principals and secretaries.

The budget for “Athletics” increased from $1,135,835 to $1,244,793 and covers all athletic administration and coaching salaries and benefits; athletic supplies and equipment.

To view the entire budget readers can go to the district’s website and click on the transparency badge on the upper right part of the screen, or go directly to that site:

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