Seniors experience ‘Cookie Madness’

Jerry Bambousek enjoys cookie samples.
Jerry Bambousek enjoys cookie samples.

Residents at Independence Village of Waterstone in Oxford were delighted to try a variety of tasty treats last week during “Cookie Madness.”

The eight-week-long, bracket-inspired competition is being held between Independence Village and its sister company, StoryPoint’s, 15 combined communities and will run until late April.

Eight Independence Village residents submitted their favorite cookie recipes which were then baked by Executive Chef Joseph Morin. Residents and judges voted to determine which cookies were the tastiest.

“(This event) helps gets our residents out and about and competing with each other. Everyone’s been sharing cookies, eating lots of good stuff and seeing what everybody else is up to throughout the competition,” said Independence Village of Waterstone Life Enrichment Coordinator Laura Ashley.

Independence Village of Waterstone’s winner was Olga Mirakian, who submitted her recipe for a White Chocolate Chip Cranberry Cookie.

Five rounds of events will take place overall with the winning cookies eventually being baked at the final event, also known as the National Cookie Madness Championship

The final event will be held in Ann Arbor in late April, where the “greatest cookie in the cosmos” will be selected from each community finalist by judges.


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