Softball team wins LO tourney

Oxford’s varsity softball team had a successful day April 15, scoring victories over Goodrich, Waterford-Mott, and Swartz Creek at a tournament held at Lake Orion High School.

In the first game, the Wildcats beat Goodrich 16-4.

Mackenzie Miller was 2-2 with an RBI. Lauren Donaldson added three hits and an RBI. Kaitlyn Bean and Madison Dinges had two hits and three RBIs. Hannah Vachon added four RBIs with her three hits.

The Wildcats beat Waterford-Mott with a 10-0 score that same day.

Chloe Allen and Sarah Tyrrell had two hits and two RBIs. Bean and Vachon combined for a four-hit shut out.

The team beat Swartz Creek 9-0.

Vachon and Bean combined for a no-hitter.

Miller and Donaldson added two RBIs a piece.

Vachon had two RBIs and a homerun. Gabby Dinges had two hits.

“We’re where we need to be in playing good softball – pitching’s very successful, we’re hitting the ball,” said Co-Varsity Coach Jessica Granger. “We’re off to a very, very good start.”

The team is now 5-0 overall.

Next up, the Wildcats take on Stoney Creek in a home game Thursday, April 20, beginning at 4:30 p.m.


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