Support for candidate Joe Kent

Having known Joe Kent for several years, he has always been a person of strong moral character and deep consideration when making decisions.
This unwavering consistent approach to decision making gives me great confidence in his ability to affect changes needed in a government plagued with little to no ability to make the right call.
Joe and Gay have always been willing to step up when the community has need.
Whether it’s to lend a hand or help raise money, their efforts are genuine and heartfelt.
Vote for Joe Kent for State Representative on August 2 in the Republican primary.
The Kent standard will be a welcome change to a government riddled with poor decision making and questionable character.
Richard and Ann Marie Sparks
Addison Township

I am writing to my community in order to ask for your support and show mine for one its members that is running for state representative, Joe Kent.
Joe has been a member of our community for over 25 years and personifies the conservative values of North Oakland County. Joe is honest, fair, and a man of integrity who will work hard and put in long hours to be sure our voices are heard in Lansing.
Joe Kent understands our deepest needs and how to implement those without the excesses added to them by others. Joe
Kent will be a voice that will not quench or appease until there is a feasible and fair solution to that need. Joe has the leadership and experience needed to be effective for our community and for our State as a whole.
He will cut through the red tape and burdensome regulations as he has with the IRS in his life as a tax professional helping the individual, families and small businesses.
He will start on day one working to streamline our tax and regulatory system to create empowerment for the individual, family and business alike.
Joe serves our community working with the Lake Orion Rotary Club and on the Board of Directors of Crossroads for Youth.
He is service-minded, community-oriented, and well qualified to serve as our State Representative. Joe will have a strong, well-thought voice for our local community and its families. Please, join me in supporting Joe Kent on Aug. 2 in the Republican primary.
Ron Renaud
Addison Township


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