Editorial: Support your local cops

With all the craziness and tragedy happening across the country right now – violent protests, riots, police officers being threatened, targeted and killed, etc. – we think it’s a good time for Oxford and Addison residents to show just how much they support their local law enforcement personnel.

The next time you encounter an Oakland County Sheriff’s deputy or an Oxford Village Police officer take a few minutes to express your gratitude and appreciation for all they do for us on a daily basis.

Say “thank you,” shake their hand, buy them a cup of coffee or lunch. Let them know you’ve got their back, just as they have ours.

Given how blessed we all are to live in a relatively safe, low-crime area, we tend to forget these men and women are risking their lives for us.

Violence can erupt anywhere, anytime.

Although we like to think it, living in Oxford or Addison doesn’t make us immune to the threat of murder and mayhem.

Every time an officer makes a routine traffic stop, he or she runs the risk of being shot because the person behind the wheel is an unknown as are the passengers.

Every time an officer responds to a call regarding an ugly domestic dispute, there’s a chance it could degenerate into a situation involving a barricaded gunman.

You just never know.

Every time an officer gets out of his patrol car, that badge on his chest makes him a target for people who have a grudge against cops, be it for personal or political reasons.

Fortunately, the last time Oxford had a law enforcement officer killed in the line of duty was way back in February 1925.

That was when John “Jay” Gould, the village’s night watchman, was shot down in cold blood in downtown Oxford by some unknown thugs in a stolen car.

We sincerely hope this community can go another 91 years without seeing an officer killed. But this area is growing and the world around us is rapidly changing – not for the better – so we know that’s unrealistic.

All we can do is hope and pray.

We know that not all police officers are saints. Far from it. Cops are people, too, so there’s a mix of good and bad. We’ve had experiences with both over the years.

But we believe bad cops are the exception, not the rule. We believe the majority of police officers are like the rest of us – hard-working, decent folks who just want to do their jobs the best they can and help others.

Parents can do their part in all this by teaching their children to always be respectful toward police officers, obey their commands and not view them as enemies.

It may sound cliche, but the police officer is our friend. Treat him or her as such. – CJC


3 responses to “Editorial: Support your local cops”

  1. I could not possibly ask for a more supportive article from our community news leader. In return- I would ask that our citizens extend the same support for the Oxford Leader by subscribing to this informative paper.

  2. Chris,

    As a former Sheriff’s officer, thank you very much for your article on supporting your local police. Law enforcement officers today are being attacked on all sides and need all the support they can get from the good, upstanding decent people of Oxford, Addison and Orion Twps.

    Thank you


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