Kids these days are growing up Sir Gravesless

The 2016 presidential election candidates are terrifying, and while I know Halloween is less than two weeks away, I try to imagine growing up in such scary world without scary movies. And, not just slash ‘em, gash ‘em bloodfests, but good, old-fashioned, cheesy grade B, monster-type movies on TV, hosted by a trusted monsterologist to […]

When the blood pressure rises, punt your next thought

I had this column all ready. It is ready to be typed. It is all there on my yellow Quill legal pad, penciled in my patented Don Rush shorthandish scrawl. It was, or is, about the hypocrisy of media coverage in regards to presidential campaigns. I had gone through and pointed out how it is […]

Well then, a reader has spoken as Americans do

These are some exceedingly exciting times we are living in! This past weekend, whilst meandering through one of the area’s state parks, my son Sean, 16, and I were discussing that very issue. Said he during our walking adventure, and with not a little bit of sarcasm, “I am so thrilled to be living in […]

Mr. Bishop goes to Washington D. C. (district of criminals?)

So, there I was one recent, hot, humid day not too long ago. Standing, with my arms behind my back looking out the window, way up there from my Ivory Tower in downtown Clarkston. Looking out and surveying town, watching all the little people scurrying about their daily lives on the bustling street known as […]

What in the tarnation is going on in the classrooms?

Since Mr. Don Rush did nothing this past weekend that resembled labor (aside from keeping camp fires blazing) and since this is the first week of school for many of you, he thought he would harken back to those thrilling days of yesteryear when Number One Son (Shamus) first started attending public schools. This “gem” […]

Hitchcock has nothing to do with by bird (superstitions)

I think you readers should feel pretty darned lucky you don’t have go down the old rabbit hole of my mind when I start thinking about writing another Don’t Rush Me column. I start with an idea and soon the synapses (or would that be synapsi?) start firing. Left, right, up, down, forward and back. […]

Remind me again, why did I like playing football?

Do you sense it? Can you feel it? I know I can and praise be! It has been too long of a hot summer with too much hanky-panky (even for a presidential campaign season) you just knew something had to give. Me, I think the gods — those Titans of The Gridiron Realm — have […]