Teen Center?

 Ever wonder why there is a Senior Center and not a Teen Center? Senior Center’s give good reasons for Teen Centers. Senior Center’s offer older citizens a chance to socialize and mingle.

As we age we lose many of our role purposes.

In the normal course of life our children leave home, we retire and a wife or husband dies. Now this once productive, purposeful life of work, family and companionship is gone.

This leaves a person lost, depressed and lonely.

The Senior Center offers activities with others. Providing a sense of well being and worth again.

What about a Teen Center? Well teens have schools and sports and multiple activities. Why do they need a place to mingle and socialize?

For one, sports and other activities aren’t what they used to be. They have become more competitive than fun.

In the off season parents pay for their children to be on traveling teams gaining experience and recognition. Same for music and dance. These activities cost extra. Money many families don’t have.

Today households look different. Two working parent model, the divorcees and the single parent.

Many teens find themselves like the elderly by themselves alone…on computers and iphones. 

Teen suicide, school shootings, drug use are signs that all is not well with our youth today. Teens need a place to gather and peer mentor as the seniors do.

They need social activities that build skills without the competitive nature of only allowing the best to get to play and or perform.

We want to empower teens to see their potential, to learn hobbies and skills that can last a lifetime. And a place where perhaps seniors and teens can be a part of helping each other see the many avenues of a life fulfilled.

Mac Deuparo,


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