Tell them ‘no’ on Regional Transit Tax

Dear Editor,
Lansing lawmakers are at it again! After realizing his mistake in allowing counties to form partnerships to raise unconstitutional taxes, Speaker Lee Chatfield and his powerful business friends this week proposed something worse. And again, local politicians like Oakland County David Coulter are pushing to quickly get a Regional Transit Tax – House Bill 5550.
These guys never quit. You will pay one way or you will pay another way. Nowhere do they propose requiring Detroit to fix their broken system. Instead, they want to foist it upon Oakland County and others with this awful bill. Every Oakland resident will pay much more property tax if Coulter and his Democrat County Commissioners gets their way.
I’m now convinced the way to end this money grab it to vote them out of office. They just don’t listen to voters who don’t want to bail out failed transit systems.
Please call David Coulter at 248-858-5400 and call your State Representative at 517-373-6339 to let them know. Don’t let them shift the cost to us. Tell them “No!”
Jay Taylor
Wooley Road, Oxford

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