Thank you residents of Oxford, Lakeville!

Dear Editor,
My name is Mary Ann Hilton. My sister-in-law Kathy Diliberti and I were driving down Lakeville Rd. on Friday the 6th at around 3 p.m., from Rochester Rd. to M-24. A Ram 1500 going in the other direction as we passed Lake George Rd. made a quick turn into the side of my sister-in-law’s Taurus and ran into the drivers side.
My sister-in-law was trapped in the car; I got out, but as soon as I put my left foot down to get to her side, my leg gave out. I have a broken knee.
I just want to thank everyone who came to help us before EMS could get there. The couple on the corner of Lake George and Lakeville roads, a man that got me out of the way since the car was smoking and wasn’t sure if it would start on fire. A wonderful man named Doug who stayed with me until friends got there from our campground to get my belongings. Someone told me he works at the bowling alley in town. He kept me calm until help came. To the person that stopped the driver of the Ram from leaving the scene.
I wish I could have gotten everyone’s names. People of Lakeville and Oxford you’re all Saints and Angels to me and Kathy.
Mary Ann Hilton
Warren, Michigan

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