The Dealership event venue to open in downtown Oxford

By Shelby Stewart-Soldan
Staff Writer
OXFORD – A historic building in downtown Oxford is getting a new purpose with a historic feel.
The former Williams Art Glass building, 22 N. Washington Street, will now be home to The Dealership, an event venue with a rustic feel. It is owned by life-long Oxford resident Kyle Morski.

“It was built in 1914, so the building is about 109 years old,” Morski said. “It started out as a Ford dealership, then a Packard dealership. In the late 1940s to the 80s it was a machine shop, then the Williams Art Glass building. So, it’s only had four owners.”

Morski said he and his wife bought the building because of the automotive connections, hence the name The Dealership. They have been stripping it down to what it used to be to create an industrial, rustic event space. He also owns two party rental businesses, so he has experience in the field.

“I specifically saw that building on a Facebook post from the historical museum, and I was reading the museum’s post and saw that it was a Packard dealership,” said Morski. “We do a lot of niche tables and chairs, and we’ve always serviced the Packard proving ground. I believe this was the only building that was a Packard dealership that’s still standing. I saw what I could turn it into and just kind of ran with it.”

Morski also saw this as an opportunity to be more involved in the community.

“I chose this building and this spot for a reason,” he said. “I’m from Oxford, I’ve always been in Oxford. I wanted to give Oxford a space they can use and do what they want with it. There’s really not a space like this around here.”

The event venue is flexible, and Morski plans to have a prep area for caterers, and bars can be brought in so people can choose bars that fit their themes.

“We’re leaving it open for any kind of style,” he said. “Any type of caterer, you can bring in. We’re leaving it as a blank slate.”

The Dealership will also be food-truck friendly and have electrical hook-ups outside for food trucks on the back patio. The plan is to open in early February and have an event for St. Patrick’s Day in March. They also plan to be involved with the Oxford Downtown Development Authority events.

“As much as we can do to help with them,” he said. “We’re really open to whatever people want to use it for.”

DDA Director Kelly Westbrook said she thinks the business is a great opportunity to showcase all that Oxford has to offer.

“I think it’s a wonderful opportunity for Oxford as a whole to be able to highlight to people who wouldn’t normally visit us,” she said. “Oxford has never had anything like this, nothing in the heart of downtown. He’s right in the middle of social district. I think all around it’s a great opportunity to showcase our little community.”


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