The Smart Bookies win 4th grade Battle of the Books

OXFORD TWP. — Ten teams of fourth graders representing Oxford’s elementary schools competed in Battle of the Books on April 2 at the Oxford High School Performing Arts Center.
The 4th graders read five books on their own time in preparation for the Battle. Competition was fierce, but Oxford Elementary School’s The Smart Bookies were crowned the champions.
Battle of the Books is a partnership between Oxford Public Library, Oxford Community Schools and Kingsbury Country Day School.
“Overall, the scores were very high, which shows how well the kids knew the books and how hard they worked preparing for the Battle. The maximum number of points that could have been earned was 75 points. The kids should all be very proud of themselves,” said Sandy Herp, director of engagement for Oxford Public Library.
The award for Best Team Name went to The Bookshelf Bandits (Clear Lake Elementary) and Best Costume went to the Chapter Champs (Oxford Virtual Academy).
Results: Smart Bookies, first place, 71 points, OES; Fantasy Finishers, second place, 63 points, Kingsbury Country Day School; So Many Books, So Little Time, second place,63 points, Kingsbury Country Day School; Chapter Champs, third place, 61 points, Oxford Virtual Academy; Speedy Lightbulb Storytellers, fourth place, 59 points, LKVL; Bookshelf Bandits, fifth place, 56 points, Clear Lake Elementary; Rockin’ Readers, fifth place, 56 points, Clear Lake Elementary; Reading Dragons, sixth place, 53 points, LKVL; Smartie Pants, seventh place, 51 points, Clear Lake Elementary; Preppy Smileys, eighth place, 50 points, Oxford Elementary School.

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